Jan 17,2010

food: a planetary addiction: everything has to eat.

savor every bite

might as well delight.

for every day & nite

we have to eat!

So why not enjoy the daylights out of it?

I don’t mean stuff your face with pork rinds and slather lard on everything in sight til you drop from a coronary.

I mean do this necessary thing with joy or at least some enjoyment,

like making food for your kids fun, interesting and tasty.

Why treat your self with any less care?

Today I began with 36 ounces of water taken in before even brushing my teeth,  then a cup of oatmeal containing a fiber and probiotics stick and a banana cut up in it over conversation with my dear Tom, as we looked out at the foggy Sunday over Elliot Bay, the Space Needle and the city of Seattle.

People were walking up and down the hill all decked out in athletic gear with backpacks, dogs on leashes, head phones in place on caps and, in between musings and noticing the mailman was in shorts on a January day, I took a plethora of vitamins and herbs: for keeping my immune system from succumbing to flu season or winter S.A.D. (really, no lie. It does help the mood dips)

Add to that some calcium to keep me from being the osteo statistic on my block, c, e, alfalfa, zinc- cause I’m stemming off a head cold- Baxyl hyaloronic acid for my joints and spine challenge, B12, Neuro PS Gold and ginkgo for energy and you get a picture of my attempt to keep brain functioning out of the forgetfulness mode and joints happy enough to allow me to ‘move about the cabin.’

The combination of self caring and easing into the day, enjoying our surroundings on a gray misty day felt like being cosseted in a peaceful blanket.

We could take the day slowly and unplanned………..and forage.

In Light & Love


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