Food Glorious Food!

January 18.2010

I  got busy with the idea for this blog and brainstormed with Tom til after 4 pm.; writing, finding a comfortable position for my body at the computer, laughing, researching words and colloquialisms and phrases. So lunch was not even on the radar.

We actually replaced food with thought.

I remember a time with my sister, Dorothy, where, after a busy day zipping around doing chores and running errands, we decided to take in a late afternoon movie.

“Oliver” was playing in town.

We barely had time to park the car and zip into the theatre.  Hurry. Hurry. The movie had begun.

As we slinked down the aisle, hunkering down as much as humanly possible so as not to block the seated patrons view with our tardiness, up on the screen the orphans in the scene were scooping  gruel from their bowls and the lead boy, fair-haired Oliver, was holding his out in his tiny, begging hands, asking as politely as he could, “May i have some more please?”

Stopping mid aisle, we looked at each other, turned and ran back up the aisle; stomachs grumbling and rumbling.

We’d been so busy all day that we had forgotten to eat!

We hit the snack bar and walked back into the theatre, armed with popcorn, hot dogs, jujubes, something chocolate and carbonated beverages just as the chorus of urchins were singing, “Food, glorious food!”

The lesson of the importance of eating was not lost on us that day.

Have you ever forgotten to eat?

In Light & Love


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