Eureka! Cookie Mystery Solved!

If you are alive, breathing and have talked with me for 2 seconds, you’ve probably heard me rave about FatBoy Cookie Dough I got around the country in Whole Foods…the chocolate chunk and macadamia white chocolate…nothing short of AMAZING!!!!
For a while, a time came that I couldn’t find them anywhere….boohoo…but e voila!  These delectables are not gone…yea!!! (certainly not forgotten by me…the hunter gatherer from another lifetime!)
It is simply the name that has changed to JOEL’S OUTRAGEOUS COOKIE DOUGH!
…same people, same recipes, same flavors, same amazing cookie dough.
Ohhhh, the relief of it all!
And for you aficionados of faboo cookies, on the east coast, you can find them at Whole Foods Markets and Fairway (and if they don’t have them in your area, go tell them you want to buy the best cookie dough on the planet, “Get them in stock Plz & Thnx!!”  Tell them Florence from Fresh Off The Palate sent you.
This cookie dough in so many flavors comes in squares in this blue box in the frozen – yes, you heard it correctly – frozen section, of these markets. How wonderful it is to have a chocolate chunk craving for one or two or two or three and just be able to break off a few squares, pop em in oven or toaster oven and mmmm hot fresh baked cookies made from wholesome ingredients right in your own kitchen!
Oh, yeah!  Bring on movie night or weather and hot chocolate, herbal tea or a cuppa joe to share with your honey, a dear friend or your bff, you!
Check out all the flavors and some fun ways to enjoy the best cookie dough on the planet!
And if you want to gift some to others or just don’t feel like baking (even in a toaster oven) don’t feel sad or deprived…they sell and ship tins of all flavors!
Oh, go ahead, people, dream of Dutch Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Sugar Cookies, Cranberry Nut (with ginger), Pnut Butter Chocolate Chunk….join me on Cloud 9 and enjoy!

drool factor: too high for mere human numeric systems!


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