Not Your Ordinary Burgers At The ‘Box’

Truffle Luv Kobe Cheeseburger

Rosemary fries

Today at Lunchbox Laboratory,  in Seattle, Father’s Day was celebrated with a ‘Mustaches Gone Wild’ event.

“Mustaches eat free on Father’s Day!  Any Dads sporting a ‘stach will get a free burger. Don’t worry, if you can’t grow one, we will have one for you to wear during your next meal.” said their poster.

Thinking about how often I felt like both Father and Mother to my kids  when they were growing up, led me to my desk and a pad of  blank paper  and a pair of scissors. The next thing, I’m sportin a full lavender mustache, my purple shades and a grin while Tom has gotten creative with  the curved arrow symbol from an box.  A couple of folds of tape and off we drove to check out the restaurant’s new digs on Thomas Street… and see how many people actually showed up with over the lip wear.

The answer: a lot.

And my paper nose tickler got some laughs.  I fit right in with the waitress, who wore an orange fuzzy over her upper lip, and the Mom next to me, who twirled a supermarket receipt into a Salvador Dali.

One couple had fashioned two versions of  Sweet Adeline /Jerry Colonna handlebars and Tom, in his Nike-like, black line over his lip; ending in an upshot arrow, pointing toward his cheek, stood out in the pack of real hair mustachios, ranging from light to dark; thin to bushy; just the top to full and Van Dykes.

Check out the photo gallery at the above addy.  The fun is on facebook too.

At indoor and outdoor tables, burgers were living up to their Zagat and Epicurious positive gourmet reviews and honorably true to the advertisement, ‘staches ate gratis.

I had the Truffle Luv Kobe cheeseburger with bacon, swiss and truffle mayo and Rosemary fries and Tom had the Smoker, Kobe beef , creamy Havarti, honey cured bacon, Lunchbox onions and smoked pepper mayo and Tater Tots. We were two happy celebrants of the Day of Dad’s, I can tell ya.

When this establishment was in its small Ballard digs, we’d eaten there, enjoyed the cameraderie in close quarters, viewing the collection of vintage lunch boxes and lava lamps and loved the Lamb burger with Blue cheese and sweet potato fries and a homemade mac n cheese to die for. The lunchbox collection, lava lamps and recipes  have travelled well to this larger space; having lost none of any of the flavor.

They serve salads and funky good appetizers and whip up some mighty tasty shakes in a tempting variety with seasonal choices.

The atmosphere is fun and the food good.


Drool factor: OMG! Get me a bucket o truffle mayo to go.

I overheard a bunch of guys at the table behind ours,raving, “That’s the best burger I’ve ever had!”

Oh, yeah.

Still lickin’ the fingers.


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