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The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

November 14, 2010

Run! Do not walk to The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company at 2209 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121, ((206) 441-4240).  If you are anywhere in the area and want the best cupcake treats in this known world, get there asap.

I kid you not.  This shop makes the best gourmet cupcakes in the most delicious varieties of flavors, you’ll find on the planet.

I schlepp them across the country to my friends in New York , San Francisco and all points in between.  That’s how unique and flavor full they are!

The Angels are in there baking and concocting the fantabulous confections coming out of these ovens.

And think just the right size…not hulking clomps of batter or so small you wonder how they got devoured before you can taste them…and think light and luscious- Italian cream whirled on top in fantastical shapes and flavors.

Are you drooling yet?

Let your mind wander down ‘mmmmmm’ lanes marked Mexican Chocolate (with a soupcon of cinnamon), Almond Chantilly, Green Tea Berry with the thinnest layer of the best chocolate ganache you ever tasted on top of the fluffy moist cupcake, under the pale green cream top.  Let your taste buds conjure Orange Chocolate, Cashew Caramel, sweet and salty Chocolate Bacon, Rosemary Lemon, Lavender Lemon, Pandan, Red Bean, Stout Beer (oh who would have thunk it would be so outrageously to die for!), Pralines and Cream, Boston Cream, Tomato Soup, Pancakes and Bacon, Passionfruit and Guava; along with Vanilla and Chocolate and Red Velvet-to name a few!

Wipe your face now and go!

Any day you show up, you’ll be greeted effervescently and warmly by Mike Hein and you may find Tony Portugal happily popping out of the back with another of truly inventive and amazing dress rehearsals of the latest flavors and festive frills to go with. The lovely lemony yellow shop has a wide array of teas and is a wonderful place to sit and have a cuppa along with the divine delectables of the day.

For these two entrepreneurs, who are the owners and creative geniuses behind this superb wonderland of cupcake heaven, every cupcake must be perfection.  The Italian cream on top is sweet without heavyness and overkill sugar.  There is a sophisticated simplicity to their works of art on a plate in this elegant little shop where everything is made in house, fresh daily- and though one can rely on finding signature flavors each day, there is sure to be something new and wonderful to try.

So go.  Be daring while you enjoy favorites. You never know how the landscape of your cupcake palate will change and bloom.

Tell them florence sent you.

Can fig and fennel be far behind?

For those of you who are out of the Seattle area, well then at least go to their website and have a good drool!


The photos are not doctored in any way.  Mike takes the pics himself right there in the shop -so go on look and drool all you want!

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