When Good Food Goes Bad

January 20, 2010

Sometimes the food experience is a one time thing and can’t be replicated,

Like today…when we remembered to eat actual food, we went to the refrigerator and pulled out the container of one of Tom’s fav mushroom soups which he’d gotten at Metropolitan Market on Queen Anne hill and my most recent fav sandwich from them of turkey and Havarti with tomato, lettuce, mustard and mayo on a hearty white artisan bread.

I washed and cut up two Pink Lady apples- each the size of a child’s hand- a sweet fruit with a delicate, crisp tartness.

Our paper plates and cups looked like a foraged indoor picnic and we slurped the soup, thick with a variety of mushrooms and herbs then took bites of our sandwiches and spit out the mouthfuls at the same time….yuch!

They tasted like someone’s rancid, awful perfume!

One more bite seemed ok and then Tom bit into a piece of hard-core tomato and I found something akin to plastic webbing in mine.

Upon closer examination -under the good light in the kitchen- the hard mesh-like piece was determined to be more tooth cracking, tough, greenish- yellow top of tomato.

My love affair with this sandwich was doused in more ways than one.

I decided to pack the pieces up and take them back to Metropolitan and let them know that whoever is making the sandwiches needs to be fragrance free and wearing gloves-and there needs to be closer scrutiny as to what goes in between the bread slices.

At $6 a pop, folks, I want the perfection I had the first time I ate this Dagwood.

At any price, I want chemical free and trash free food.

With yuck replacing the usual delicious factor, it was just a waste of money.

Something I don’t want to do.

What a disappointment.

I’d made a special trip to this market in cold and rain just to get this sandwich and would have bought a couple more if there’d been any left.  (We do like to have our favs on hand for days like today when we don’t want to go out.)

Burping at the end of this meal interuptus was toxic.

After some taste bud space, I switched over to baby carrots with my fav accompaniment I’d schlepped across country from Whole Foods in NY: fresh Genji Miso Ginger Dressing for dipping (they have it in the sushi bar section), and a little Cambozola soft spread cheese on Crunchmaster Artisan Cheese Rice crackers from Costco in Seattle.

Safe, known and healthier for my digestive system which is still sensitive from the 6 hour flight and 3 hour time change from NY to Seattle.

Still pounded Pedialyte and water and began to feel less light headed from the dehydration of travel.

Maybe later there will be Thai food.

In Light & Love


4 Responses to “When Good Food Goes Bad”

  1. kseverny Says:

    ooh, thats can’t have been a good feeling

  2. Florence Says:

    yup. yuck factor to max. took a while to give em a second chance. ‘repeat review’ is coming.
    did return the offending package. refund; instant with apologies.

  3. Goodie Girl Says:

    I really hate that when that happens. Especially when it’s take out and you get home to enjoy and you have to get in your car and go right back!!!

  4. Florence Says:

    agreed. also a drag when it’s late or stormy and you can’t go back out. you’re stuck with inedibles from the ‘international drek vendor’ until you can schlepp the yuck back.
    thanks for the cue to the next post.

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